Building a Custom Home is a Process, but a Smooth One

Getting a new custom house built is an exciting time for everyone involved. It’s a big life step and one that should fill your life with excitement, but should also be taken seriously. You’ll want to put in the time to do things properly so you can avoid coming across hiccoughs as much as possible.

First off, you’ll want to take enough time to get your act together so you can properly convey to your contractors what style you’re shooting for in your new home. You can take some time looking through Houzz or Pinterest and put together some examples so you can communicate your wishes clearly. This will make you first meeting with your architect a lot smoother and will set them up for better knowing how to fulfill your desires.

Next, you’ll want your banking affairs in order. Get a meeting with a loan advisor so you know how much you are able and willing to spend on your new custom home. This isn’t necessarily one of the quickest parts of the process, and I’d say you can comfortably allot about 2 weeks for getting this one in the bag.

Then it’s time to hire an architect. Try out a few, have some meetings and find out exactly which one suits you and your plans best. Once you’ve done that, then all you’ve got to do is hire a builder. Find one with a good portfolio and lots of good work behind them. It also never hurts to make it someone easy to work and communicate with.

Then from there it’s in the hands of the builders, and I’m sure you can be as involved as you want but it’s pretty much time for you to lie back and relax and wait for your new home to be done!

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