Paved Driveways

There are a lot of things that add curb appeal to your home, and one of those things is having a well-paved driveway. Not only does this raise the value of your house, but it’s an essential part of having a functional house. A nicely paved driveway won’t only look good and impress your neighbors, but will increase the functionality of your living space.

If you’ve been living without a properly paved driveway, then you’ll definitely benefit from getting one installed. That moment where you first pull your car up onto your new driveway is priceless. First impressions are important, and a paved driveway is like the face of your home. Rather than gravel and dirt, a concrete driveway will put forward a much better first impression for visitors and neighbors.

You’ve got two basic choices of pavement when you’re getting your driveway paved: asphalt and concrete. Some people think that asphalt is a better idea since your roads are likely made of asphalt to begin with, but there are a couple of big advantages to getting concrete instead.

Concrete lasts a while lot longer than asphalt without cracking or falling apart. Once you make the initial investment to get your driveway paved with concrete, you won’t have to worry about repairs and upkeep for a good long while. Asphalt, on the other hand, needs constant upkeep and easily cracks and shifts with heat and extreme cold. Concrete’s lifespan is about 30 years on average, which adds up to nearly 10 years more than asphalt. Talk about a big advantage!

If you get a professional concrete contractor to lay the concrete for you then you can count on an even surface and a long lasting driveway that not only looks good, but will last you for years. Trying to do a job like this on your own with now prior experience will almost certainly result in an uneven driveway with potholes or bumps that will make the experience of pulling up into your driveway less than pleasant. Always go with the pros and hire locally!

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