What Roofing Material Should be Used for Hail?

The saying “a roof over your head” is common for a reason. Having a good roof that can protect you from the elements is one of the core components of having a good house. It’s got to be sturdy and waterproof enough to withstand rain, snow, and especially hail. But of all of these, hail is the hardest to protect against since it’s practically balls of ice falling from the sky at incredible speed. Hail tends to do the most damage to houses across the US, but with the right material you’ll be able to minimize the amount of damage done to yours.

You’ll have to take your entire roof system into account when protecting against hail, and that includes the vent pipes, skylights, and gutters. But most importantly you need to figure out what material to use for your roofing.

The first option you should look at is rubber roofing. Rubber is not only water proof, but will not take nearly any damage at all from hail, send it bouncing off and keeping your house safe. Think of how a car tire hits a pothole and deflects the damage to the wheel, in the same way a rubber roof will shield your house from damage done by hail.

Asphalt shingles and metal roofing are also decent options, but are still susceptible to small amounts of damage, whereas rubber will completely protect your roof plus give you the added bonus of being water resistant.

In the end the choice is up to you, so measure the pros and cons of each and good luck!

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